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What ingredients do you use?

We use only the finest flour, pure butter and sugar. Our products are all free from preservatives and artificial colour, so you can enjoy an all-natural indulgence.

Where can we get Butterfingers Shortbread?

Australia’s finest shortbread is available at supermarkets and retail outlets in Australia and all over the world. Find out more information.

Why do you have Arabic on your packaging?

We include different languages on our packaging because we distribute our Australian shortbread products to other countries around the world. Including Arabic is a requirement of our exportation to the United Arab Emirates and other countries that require Halal approvals.

Why the Made in Australia instead of the Country of Origin indicator?

We were legally required to remove the official Made in Australia logo and the green and gold Kangaroo due to an industry-wide decision by regulators that biscuit products are a non-priority product and do not require the new Country of Origin (CoOL) bar indicator.

Do you use palm oil in your Australian shortbread products?

No, we have never used palm oil in our shortbread products – only the finest Australian butter.

Yes, our shortbread company is Australian owned and operated. We source all of our ingredients and packaging from Australia. We’re a local company through and through.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, all our packaging is fully recyclable and we recycle the packaging from our suppliers too.

Do you make gluten-free shortbread?

We have a specialty range of Butterfingers gluten-free shortbread that is delicious! It’s laboratory tested outside our premises before being released for sale to ensure a “none detected” result, so you can enjoy our high-quality gluten-free shortbread with confidence.

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